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Working on Treaty 7 lands across Alberta and Canada. Powered by Men &.

About Us

What is Men &

We are an Alberta based community of practice for professionals working in the Engaging Men and Boys field. We are just getting this digital space up and running so feel free to request to join or check back again for more information. Thanks!

Who Should Join?

Professionals working to support the relational, mental, and emotional well-being of men and boys. This community is designed to build community, learn and share practices related to engaging men around issues related to mental health, relational and emotional well-being and violence prevention.

What is Men &?

Men & is an online resource that offers trusted, accessible support, information and resources for the complex mental and relational health challenges men face. 

Men & is a partnership driven initiative supported by the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter, The Bluerock Project, Next Gen Men and other key partners.

We knew the world didn’t need just another website, so we gathered our most respected colleagues, experts and visionaries and started designing Men &.

Men & is:

  • an invitation for men to heal, grow and be their best for themselves, their families and their communities.
  • a movement of people mainstreaming a more helpful conversation on men, for men.
  • committed to supporting men’s mental, relational and emotional wellbeing and reducing the harm men cause to themselves and others
  • a digital resource offering engaging content, tools and strategies and partnering with a 24-hour chat and Mensline to make sure that men can find whatever level of information and support the way they want – anytime they want.
  • a network of qualified agencies, professionals and support.
  • a community of compassionate, wise and skilled professionals, community members and advisors.

Our curated collection of engaging content and trusted tools streamlines access to a network of resources, care and community that supports the evolution of practices that understand and support men better.                                        

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